Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I'm pretty dried up when it comes to creating a post or writing of any kind..... Seems I don't have any thoughts other than the upcoming MRI for my neck and then hopefully a ticket home.  I'm ready to go but just not ready to face the heat once I get there.  It has been a record breaking summer for extreme temps.  Coming from a summer spent just wishing for sunlight and running the heater...... I think I would just drop over like a dead fly once I hit the humidity that Georgia has to offer.  

It also seems that everyone has either forgot their blogger page or like me, has nothing to really post about.  Hopefully we'll all continue to write something and have one another to give feedback occasionally.   I think I'm going to selectively recruit some other people and maybe give it a push start into a little more interaction.    Maybe I'll have something more to say to help keep this thing alive...... I don't know.


bencorde said...

Come on girl don't give up. You have talent and soul, priceless commodities.We love your commments and pictures on your life and travel experiences. As for the sun, this is England it's the RAIN, the GLOOM and sheer bloody DEPRESSION that makes us so happy. The depressions I might add are mainly Atlantic and come from across the pond. Thank you.

Karla said...

LOL..... yes, yes. And then it sits in a churning effect, swirling around this island without a break. In the states we know the jet stream moves in an opposite direction of the earth's movement... Here, it breaks all the rules..LOL
And what's funny, I have always loved rain... The last couple of days I've at least heard some thunder, which is different for here. I love rain, but I love too a break from it.. I think what is worse is when we just get the gloomy without the rain. It's like, lets either shit or get off the pot!..hehe.
Thank you Ben... you have been an awesome friend and an inspiration for me.. I check your posts daily hoping to see your fascinating writing!

bencorde said...

At least I won't be dying of skin cancer this year. Damp rot maybe or blindness from eye strain trying to see through the gloom. Bugger I, the bloody lights are on during the day and this is AUGUST!!! Even the cat is depressed and won't go outside for a crap.

Karla said...

Oh hell I know it! Have to cut up the heat a little occasionally just to take the damp out of the house.. CRAZY

Talking about crazy and cats... My little one is acting really strange.... I read in the Old Farmers Almanac about how August brings 'Dog Days' it also brings Cat nights.. Seems they'll yowl more on these days... and it is exactly what is happening to her.. she's acting like a lunatic!

Lisa Ford said...

Hey Karly,I haven't given up on here I think this site has the potential to be awesome.My problem is time management,since I took on to jobs at the moment it is hard to find that quality time which I miss and I made a couple of attempts to blog I have a lot of great stuff but writing about it has been a challenge I am a bit rusty,and my net connection has been on the fritz hasn't brought much inspiration to't give up on this,I do enjoy reading your posts,they are so interesting so keep it up I think this site will gain ground in time,I need a bit of inspiration myself I used to love blogging I need to find that spark of life back.

Karla said...

My problem is I have TOO much time on my hands and still can't think of anything worth blogging about.
Just know I look for ya sister, girlfriend... And I can so much relate to what you're saying, especially looking for that spark of life.
I used to have some..... Kind of sad, isn't it.