Friday, October 1, 2010

A View of Two Goddesses

“It's just me mom”, I said coming in the door.
“Well, did you have fun?” my mother asked.
“Yes, it was so funny”, I said as I gabbingly explained about the slumber party the night before.
“I put eggs down my shirt, pretending to have boobies and Jean slapped them and busted the eggs, then we had a pillow fight and one of the pillows busted and feathers stuck all over me from the raw eggs”. “It was so funny”.
My mother grinned as she continued doing the dishes.
“We did the coolest thing later that night”. I explained further.
“What was that?” she asked.
“We levitated each other and all ten of us took turns being the one lifted” “We did it once lying down and again in a chair” I said.
“What do you mean?” asking more enthusiastically.
“One of us would lie down and the rest would be around in a circle holding two fingers under. Then we would start chanting …."She looks sick, she looks sick, she looks sick, then, she looks dead, she looks dead, she looks dead. She is dead, she is dead, she is dead. Light as a feather, light as a feather, light as a feather and then we would lift her up using only our two fingers and she would just float up.” I was saying with such excitement.
“But it won’t work if you don’t concentrate”. “Sometimes we would start laughing or someone would break the mood and whoever was floating would fall”. “Really cool” I said.
“Hmm” she said after sitting down to listen closer.
“Oh and we stayed up all night doing that and we were in an empty house that belongs to Cindy’s parents, there was no electricity on, so we only had candles”.
“Where were her parents all this time?” Mom wanted to know then.
“Right next door Mom, we were fine!” I explained in a hurry.
“Cindy found us a bunch of gowns, real silky and with lots of flowing layers and we ran outside to watch the sunrise skipping and dancing so the gowns would spin around with us” “We ran down into the woods and it was so beautiful” I continued.
“Everything was just so green and wet from dew and the rays from the sun were coming through the trees” “It looked like an enchanted forest Mom”. I said yawning now.
“We all found our own tree stump or fallen branch and made chairs and beds out of them by lying down letting our gowns fall all around”. I told her, “We played like we were movie stars” I added.
“Well you sound sleepy, did you sleep?” Mom wanted to know.
“Our feet were getting cold because we were barefooted and because there was so much dew, so we went back in and fell asleep on the floor”. “Cindy’s mom woke us for breakfast not long after”. I said starting up the stairs to my room.
“Karla” mom called.
“Huh?” I called back.
“Always stay on the “right” side” she said. “Don’t ask me now to explain, you will know one day”.
“ Okay ” I said, continuing up the remainder of the stairs.

Took me a long time to remember what she said and to know what she meant and how my mother was so much more “enlightened” then I ever knew. 

*Right as opposed to the left......... or ........ light side as opposed to a dark side. 


Graham Kennedy said...

haha, this is great...haven't we all played levitation? oh, and that is a great photo!! did you take it?

Karla said...

No... not this one, I had to google an image to get as close an image as I could when remembering that early morning sooooo many years ago.
And that little game has always amazed me! There is something to the power of chant and energy...has to be! Thanks Graham!