Monday, May 31, 2010

I knew

Yes, I knew it but
seems I chose to ignore it,
hope upon hope I was wrong.

Yes, I've been down this road
So familiar in port
steady with plan
twas almost a comfort.
I've seen you before and I swear it true
All manner and form foretold and due.

Yes, so predictable I honestly claim,
Tarot and candle on the table despite
the faces have changed
either by shadow or light
all still is exactly the same.

Yes I foreseen but
Shelter I sought and I've
no other to blame,
despite goodness or laugh or banter now lost
the outcome is always the same.

Can't share your secrets
Untruths reside
Mistook my trust
an hoped I'd abide.
I warned you to listen, take heed
and be sure, paths would be different ,
the journey untried.

The act of believing
and with unwaivering faith
seems only to end in pain.
Someone will be wrong in the end
The stars predict it my bane.

Is it written somewhere
A predestined fate,
As I look to the gods
Their counsel laid great...

Yes, integrity only gets you so far
while you watch all the world at play,
I sit alone a room thick with beliefs
as candlelights flicker and sway
and now no one is left in my way.


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