Wednesday, June 2, 2010


How can I tell you out loud
As I look out into those woods at
Every possibility and equal mystery.
About sounds that speak only to me.
How can I tell you with all the pretense like you,
That it speaks to me

Smoke circles coming from fire lit pasts,
Only in my mind. Resting just above treetops
And the glow lighting my path
Telling me

You see me there staring
In the distance and then we speak
Something trivial- I answer but how can I say I don't hear you
Music is playing just for me

You are so smart with your retained words and notions
Still so clueless
Your life wrapped up in a solitary world with
Orbital motions of no description. What defines you is
The mystery….you know the names but lost to its meaning
Unenlightened to the

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