Friday, September 10, 2010


Birdkeepers House St. James Park
Seems forever since I've checked on blogger..  All is still quiet it seems. I've become busy on a photography forum and am learning loads of stuff but it has taken all my attention.  Did a sprint in London the other day walking close to 20 miles if not right at it..... As best as I can map my steps on google.  It has taken all of two days to recover from the soreness of power walking and almost a nice set of shin splints.  I'd feel real bad about myself if I were the only one suffering though as it seems I am not.  Andy looked like someone crippled while trying to walk and his daughter who went along with us having fared better was still really tired. 
The week prior showed some beautiful weather when we planned the outing but of course it wasn't meant to be on the day of.  Still the day was utilized for what it was meant to be and that was just a little sightseeing and some photography.  It is probably my last little tour of England before leaving for home within the month.
Anyway... just a bit of dribble in the spirit of making a blog post..... still trying to keep it alive. 

Great White Pelican~ St. James Park

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