Monday, September 13, 2010

My Father Said Walk With Moccasin Feet

“Step lightly” he said rather gruffly. “If you can hear yourself walk the animals can too”
She slowed and while watching her feet decided that tip toeing would be better and maybe Dad would be happy with her new walk.
He glanced around and noticed her.
“No", he said clearly, feel your feet from heel to toe and feel the ground beneath them” he said less gruffly. “And look up, you have to watch your feet but watch where you’re going at the same time”.
She did as told, trying to feel the ground but while being quiet and watching her feet and where she was going all at the same time she found it curious and fun for at least a moment always reminding herself when she heard the leaves rustle beneath her to step lighter.
She stopped when her father stopped and did it without going head long into his large frame and she slowed when he slowed, started when he started.
“The Indian knew how to be silent when walking”, he continued to teach. This always made her ears perk up anytime mentioning the Indian’s.


Graham Kennedy said...

I'm looking for the next paragraph.... :-)

Karla said...

Thanks Graham... I'll have to work on that!