Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Birthday

My dear brother came home from work with this cake for me... I don't know which I was more tickled over, the cake or watching him with the cake.  I never felt more love for someone as I did at that moment.  We laughed together as he wrote my name on it as he realized the cake decorator didn't come with a tip, hence the fat letters.  I wouldn't have all the fancy cakes of the world over this one, this year.  I have the best big brother in the world!

On another note.... I'm completely perplexed about a facebook comment I had when thanking folks for Birthday wishes and I went on to explain about my evening, going out to eat etc.  I was made to feel from her the commenter, that maybe I shouldn't have a birthday???? I can't even explain how inane the comment was and I don't know why I even care.  Maybe it's because of who it is, maybe.

I don't know a soul that isn't thankful for birthday wishes and I don't care what the age is. It is a day that signifies 'you'.  It is the ONLY day that is yours exclusively except for maybe your mother... in which case I think it should be her 'birth' day too. 
Otherwise there is no other day no matter what your age or even after death that that day doesn't represent who you are, when you were and in my utmost opinion it needs to be recognized by the people that you surround yourself with.
You may encounter the person who insists that their day doesn't matter and the lack of celebration or acknowledgment doesn't matter but I feel with everything in me that isn't true. 
I'm not even talking about gift getting or party throwing or anything like that....... just simple acknowledgment. I do think there are people that genuinely don't care for a display and I'm actually sort of like that although I've managed a few glorious, fun-filled birthday parties thrown in my behalf.  Still I've always felt slightly awkward for it. Proud for sure... but left with a loss for words while it's happening...... Whole other story into the psyche of that though.

I think it's interesting that she waited to the last minute of the hour which it wouldn't be 'my' day any longer to post at all.  I knew she had been on all day because of postings. How can you explain a comment like this?

"Do you still have birthdays since you came back to America? ;) if so..happy birthday."

I don't know which part confuses me more ''Still have birthdays" or the "If so". 
I'll leave it up to whoever happens along here on my blog and whoever actually reads this post to help me with it.  Again, I would have expected a different comment from her and if this is it.....I had rather it hadn't been one at all. 


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