Saturday, June 4, 2011


I really have to remind myself there are good things to think of everyday even when people can have you so perplexed.
So, within this same evening or should say very early morning of writing the last post I will focus on that now. At least I can go to bed in a few with some hope for a better day with better thoughts. 

So here's to hoping. 
I'm a couple of states away from my family and miss them terribly, I haven't spent as much time as I hoped for with my new grandson but I 'hope' that will change soon.

My youngest daughter called a few days ago to announce she is pregnant and the news has us all in a happy shock.  Shock because her only child is eight years old and she was sure that there wouldn't be anymore. I know she is wanting a daughter now and I'm hoping for her too.  We talked about her decorating the spare room in a dandelion theme and I'm excited about that because I have so many photos of them that I would love to have her use them. I hope she gets all that she dreams.

I hope tonight a dream will come that will give me some insight on my next venture because I really need to know.  So many roads to choose but none of them is making sense.  I'm a little shaken by the last blunder so I 'hope' I can trust enough to make a better choice. 


Rogue said...

Cograts to your daughter.

Karla said...