Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dismissed of Duty

Well, I knew it.  Something ate at me for several weeks while contemplating on making a move to my sisters house.  She was needful of me just as she gets when strife is in her life and calls on me to comfort her. But I knew it was a mistake; a ticking time bomb really.
I'm her 'go to' person when the chips are down and we have a history of just these same stories.

Seems her husband has wound up in some trouble and won't be home for quite awhile and that's all I'll say about that here other to say with him out of the picture would have been the only way I would have even considered it.
Me? Well being the free agent of my life in general and with eight months home from England and still without a set goal in mind as to where, what or how I'm going to proceed with anything at the moment, well lets just say that leaves me wide open to be slung around for the hell of it, I suppose. 

She was depressed.  She was lonely.  She begged me to come to her house to live with her and as I said...I'm pretty wide open as to where I'm laying my head these days.

Three weeks in and after the upheaval of the makeshift life I was leading; all the remnants of whats left of my life and 'things' and after the move and the hard work of packing boxes and placing my aesthetics into yet another storage unit, it seems I wasn't needed as bad as she thought.  I'm still reeling from this and I've been out of her house for a month now.  This is not new news but it is still lingering in the air as hot as this North Carolina weather.

I have zero ideas as to what happened only to say my conscience is quite clear.  I spent Mother's Day weekend with my family and returned on that Sunday evening to find her sitting in the dark playing some war game on the game system while a massive vibe hung in the air.
I need to back up a minute to say my plan all along was to come to North Carolina instead. I up-heaved my plan and my life to accommodate her needs and I was just as quickly dismissed.
Seems she got on some nerve medication and she told me as sure as I'm sitting here writing, that she has drugs now so she's not as needful.
Amazing isn't it.
This will never, never happen again.


Rogue said...

*hugs* I think we all have family members like that. If you ever need a shoulder or ear, let me know. *hugs*

Karla said...

Thanks Krish.. It's strange that I knew it would be something but it still shocks the system and this was definitely an eye opener!

Thom Brown said...

Ouch - I wish it weren't so.

Karla said...

Me either Thom...I honestly don't understand it. My focus now is to get over the bite of it...give it for what it's worth and move on. Maybe after a few more posts/vents about it though..ha!