Monday, June 13, 2011

To Kill A Mockingbird

This guy... ''Dis guy!'', in my best NY dialect.
I've nick named him Mouthy.  We believe he's been calling for a mate because it seems the one he had or possibly even his whole family may have been carted off from a hawk.  My brother says he seen the hawk with one in his beak and this guy... "Dis guy".. in hot pursuit after him.
I joke but in reality it's quite sad.  Nature can be so sad.  We watched the nest prep, we watched as he stood vigil over the babes.......swooping on neighbors cats and people if they got a little too close for his comfort.  And now he's without his fam.  Heavy stuff.
His songs are the best though even if it is remorseful ....... I've heard mocking of cell phone rings, car alarms and other alert type sounds coming from him as he swoops and dives from one side of the house and yard.  Tonight he flew past my head with a shrill whistle so close I could hear his wing beats.
This photo I took today while he was busy mouthing off and at times puffing his chest..... I hope he has some luck tomorrow finding a mate.


Dan Bowlds said...

Mocking Birds are very territorial and aggressive as far as song birds go. The reason they "sing" and mimic other birds is to run them off. They can fly faster than hawks or crows, and I've seen them chase and peck them while flying. Still, my romantic heart likes to think of them as Harper Lee does, singing for our benefit.

Karla said...

Yes, I think you're right. My brother wanted to believe he was singing for a mate or his lost one. We watched his nesting and protection of his family and then seen them being taken from the hawk. We watched him chase the hawk for a long way... really sad.